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 In Title
HindiTrans 2.5
HindiTrans is a English to Hindi Transliteration software.  Download now
Size: 2.96MB     License: Shareware     Price: $49.00     By: Rovisuam Micro Lab
English to Hindi Translator 1.5.0
It allows you to translate Web contents, letters, chat between English and Hindi  Download now
Size: 1.10MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: AdeptDict, Inc.
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hindi trans

 In Short Description
Quran Software in Urdu, Hindi, English Beta
Quran Learning Software Ever along with Urdu/hindi/English trans.  Download now
Size: 26.83MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: iSoft Solutions
Visharad Transcriptor 1.0
Visharad transcriptor can translates names into hindi or Sanskrit.  Download now
Size: 746KB     License: Demo     Price: $98.00     By: visharad software
Chindi 1.0
Chindi is a server/client software package for encrypted file transfer.  Download now
Size: 230KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Hegelund
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hindi trans

 In Long Description
English to Hindi Character Converter 9.0
Welcome to Eng2hindi character converter software. Eng2Hnd software works as you...there is also facility of transfer to Microsoft?? Word?? Features :: English...  Download now
Size: 8.80MB     License: Shareware     Price: $18.00     By: Multiicon
Dicter 3.2
Dicter - Google translate client - One click translation from / into 42 language ... hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ma...  Download now
Size: 4.29MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: iTVA ltd.
Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation 1.0
english hindi translation.  Download now
Size: 12.54MB     License: Commercial     Price: INR199.00     By: Huda Info Solutions
Sublight 4.0.5061
Application is currently translated in four languages (English, Spanish, Sloveni...hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvi...  Download now
Size: 3.87MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: subtitles-on.net
Language Translator for Windows Sidebar
This is a 43-language both-way translator gadget. Language translator needs to...hindi \ Hungarian \ Indonesian \ Italian \ Japanese \ Korean \ Latvian \ Lithuan...  Download now
Size: 256KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Photo-Bon.com
WordInn Dictionary 2010 2.0
You can also translate words into more than a dozen different languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, hindi, Russian, Spanish and German etc. This software will...  Download now
Size: 9.79MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: WordInn
Dictionary English - Hindi 2
Get a word from English and translate to hindi.  Download now
Size: 10.12MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Solpro Technologies
Pelagian Dictionary 2.7
To get the translated mean and synonymous of any word, just click on or type in the search box of English or hindi word and you will be taken to the dictionary'...  Download now
Size: 618KB     License: Shareware     Price: $18.00     By: Pelagian Softwares
Dictionary .NET 6.2.4992
NET is a tiny, easy and smart multilingual dictionary translating from/to 66 lan...hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Kor...  Download now
Size: 550KB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: fish
Milk Collection System
This milk purchase bills has option to print ledger of other transactions ( cash...Languages supported English, hindi & Gujarati.  Download now
Size: 9.73MB     License: Demo     Price: $110.00     By: Kanji Patel
Chat Translator for Yahoo Messenger
hindi, French, Chinese, Japanese, English, Spanish, Russian. It can instantly translate conversations in different languages, translate and sends messages in an...  Download now
Size: 3.04MB     License: Shareware     Price: $29.99     By: Leo0001
Eng. 2 Hindi Character Convertor 9.0
In Eng2hindi there is a facility of Real Time help and full keyboard help, there is also facility of transfer to Microsoft® Word® Features :: English to...  Download now
Size: 3.22MB     License: Shareware     Price: $36.00     By: Multiicon
Shakti Office English/Hindi 1.72.23
English to Tamil/hindi and vice versa as well as an English-English-Tamil/hindi dictionary and vice versa. transliterator feature - Type in English and get in...  Download now
Size: 224MB     License: Demo     Price: $200     By: CK Technologies Pvt Ltd
Hindi to Telugu Dictionary 5.3
Telugu hindi Dictionary (20K references)– travel dictionary to translate Telugu to hindi displaying a list of words in romanised (phonetic) hindi or hindi cha...  Download now
Size: N/A     License: Shareware     Price: $2.40     By: Bede Products
google translator interface 4.0
gtrans is a multilingual translation interface, that uses the Google translation...hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Po...  Download now
Size: 1.27MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Mc & RENOX technologies
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